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The power of singing

Songs have a lot of power. And so we often have music playing as we go throughout our day. Many of us assemble playlists and collections of music.

When we are able to sing a song, it takes on even more power. (More of us can sing that we might think: several minutes into this video, watch 95,000 Liverpool ‘football’ fans singing!) When we sing, our whole being is now involved in that song. The words begin to fill our mind; the mood created by the tune begins to seep into our emotions; the song’s rhythm and the movement of our lungs and voice engage our body. Every part of us is involved as we bring forth this song!

When the song is of God and we let its spirit and message permeate us, we are moved to be more holy and true. And through our voice, those who hear us become aware of its truth, and perhaps more gripped by the goodness, grace, and greatness of our Lord. Scripture again and again calls us to sing, to “burst into jubilant song” for our Lord and King (Psalm 98:4,6), to let the message of Christ fill our lives “through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit” (Colossians 3:16).

Our songs take on even more power when we sing them as part of a congregation. singing at Summer Bible School 2016As I hear my brother and sister singing out with faith and joy, some of their spirit often rubs off on me and a new fervor builds in my singing—which in turn rubs off on them in a glorious gathering crescendo as we praise and worship our God with full throats and hearts! Even those of us who are “musically challenged” can find ourselves moved.

I delight in being here at Trissels where four-part harmony can be clearly heard. And I find joy in the many hymns we sing that are full of truths about God and our faith, and the occasional contemporary song chosen for its message.

This Sunday we at Trissels get to devote additional time to singing—it’s a fifth Sunday hymn sing. (It won’t be all singing; our worship committee works to plan other elements as well.) I look forward to experiencing some crescendos in our faith and joy as we sing the favorites that one after another of us will request.

Full-throated singing

Full-hearted (and full-throated!) singing in the midst of the gathered congregation has been a strong joy all through my life.

As we sing our full person is involved — our whole being is opened up to God. Our mind is engaged as we repeat the words and dwell on the song-writer’s themes. Our body is involved as lungs and voice join to turn words into sound and as the song’s rhythm affects us. Emotions also become engaged as the mood and atmosphere of the tune touches us.

Our social dimension is also fully brought into play as we sing: as I hear the response of the one next to me of the goodness and mercy and faithfulness of God, that joy and faith rubs off and raises my fervency a notch or two, which in turn affects my neighbor, resulting in a glorious crescendo of joy and praise!

All through Scripture as God’s people express their praise and worship it often takes the form of singing. What about persons who feel unable to sing? Thankfully our praise doesn’t have to be perfect music. Even noise qualifies! Eight times in the Psalms we are told to make a “joyful noise” or “shout joyfully.”

On January 31, a fifth-Sunday of the month, we at Trissels will enjoy an extended opportunity for singing. Our service that morning will be a hymn-sing. Tim I. Mumbauer, our Minister of Music, tells us that the first section of the service will focus on our communication with God in prayer, both our listening and speaking. The second section will examine God’s love for us as a church and individuals and our response of love in return. In addition to selecting songs on those themes, Tim invites us to think of Scripture passages to read and perhaps even something to share for 2-5 minutes on one of the themes.

The highlight of the service, though, will be us as a congregation lifting our voices in unison, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19), building up our faith and love and awareness of our God!